Fitbit Aria Coupon

Fitbit is renowned for its awesome gadgets (most notably its wireless activity tracker, the Fitbit Ultra). With Fitbit products, you can monitor and gauge just how well (or badly) you are working your body. You get to know if you are getting enough exercise each day (every minute of every hour of each day).

The Fitbit Aria is one more in the long line of health and fitness gadgets produced by Fitbit. The difference between the Aria and many other similar products is that the Aria tracks your body fat and your weight as opposed to your body movement.



The Fitbit Aria is, on the face of it, a weighing scale. That is exactly what it looks like. The difference between the Aria and a normal weighing scale, in terms of appearance, is that the Aria is quite pretty. The top of it is made of a very thin glass (0.3 inches thick) so as to add to the gadget’s overall strength. It comes in either black or in white. It also has bright, crystal-clear LEDs for the best display. There are hemispheres embossed on its under side in a nice neat pattern. The batteries (just four AAs) are located in a pocket under a couple of these hemispheres.

But the Fitbit Aria is not simply made to look pretty in your bathroom. Its functionality is also worth noting.



  • The Fitbit Aria measures the percentage of fat in your body as well as your total body weight.
  • It uploads said information over the Wi-Fi network in your home or your gym to your cloud-based account.
  • The Fitbit Aria uses four AA batteries, which is somewhat surprising. These batteries can last or a total of six months before depleting.
  • By making use of the memory it has garnered from its usage, the Fitbit Aria is capable of detecting a total of eight different people. It uses the memory (historical data) to figure out just who is using it at the moment.
  • The Fitbit Aria is quick and easy to set up. It can and should be used as more than a simple weighing scale. It doesn’t need any cables or miscellaneous connections.


Setting Up

Everything works from right there where you place it. All you have to do is connect it to the Wi-Fi network in your home or gym. To do this, you can connect the Fitbit Aria to either your phone or your computer so that it too can share the home Wi-Fi network.

To put the Fitbit Aria in its set up mode, you will need to open the battery cover underneath it, take out the batteries and put them back in a few seconds later. While the Aria is in this mode, it acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can use your computer or a compatible phone to connect to the scale’s network. The app has to be installed on your phone or computer, though. After you do this for the first time, everything will work automatically. New data and information will be uploaded to the cloud-based storage via the Wi-Fi network each time the scale is used.

DXRacer Coupons

DXRacer Chairs are designed to ensure you enjoy the highest possible comfort each time you sit in one. DXRacer Chairs were originally intended for gamers—especially those who spend long hours playing. They are very good for gamers since they ensure you remain particularly comfortable when you play. DXRacer Chairs are awesome because with them, you don’t strain your back and neck and you don’t place too much of a burden on your tailbone. For this reason, DXRacer Chairs are ideal.

They are suitable for more than just gaming, though. You can choose to work in a DXRacer Chair or simply just to relax.



The backrests are usually higher than the ones you find on many other chairs out there. As a consequence of this, DXRacer Chairs provide sufficient support for your entire spinal column. Therefore, they ensure you are not afflicted by an aching back even if you have been sitting all day. They also come with apparatus that allow you to tilt the chairs back and lower them to your preferred angles. They can be lowered to 180 degrees and can lock at any point you want.



The bases of DX Racer Chairs are made of metal. This metallic base makes them exceedingly stable. They also have gas springs which let you adjust the chairs to your preferred height. This makes DXRacer Chairs ideal for just about any surface or desk (regardless of its height).



The armrests of the DXRacer Chairs are padded so they increase the protection and levels of comfort. You can adjust the heights to eight different positions. These armrests reduce the chance of developing fatigue in your wrists and the rest of your arms.


Other Features

DXRacer Chairs come with headrests and adjustable lumbar cushions to provide you with utmost comfort.

Most office chairs have low backs. The low backs make it tricky to rest your neck. DXRacer Chairs ensure you maintain a right angle when you sit to ensure your spinal column remains as healthy as it possibly can.

DXRacer Chairs have metal frames underneath the upholstery and, as a result, are safe to move around and transport from place to place. The chairs are firm and sturdy. Because of this, they can support any person’s weight without straining. The wide bases of DXRacer Chairs ensure that there is far less pressure on your body when you sit than with other office chairs. Because of this, you won’t exhaust yourself when you sit all day. There won’t be a need to stand up every few minutes.


DXRacer Chairs are the perfect chairs to sit on whether you are working or gaming. When you are working at home, DXRacer Chairs can provide you with a high amount of comfort and with more practicality so you can work easier. When you want to unwind and play your video games, the DXRacer Chair will ensure you don’t tire so long as you play; it hardly matter if you choose to play throughout the day and night.

DXRacer Chairs look absolutely amazing too. They are virtually the only choice if you are looking for comfort and practicality in an office chair.